Representatives of IBEX and the Electricity Market Operator of Republic of Macedonia, division of MEPSO, had a bilateral meeting in Skopje

Following the forthcoming developments of the integration process in the region of SEE, and in compliance with the national agenda for establishing a Power Exchange market in Republic of Macedonia, representatives of IBEX, the Bulgarian power exchange and the Electricity Market Operator OPEE division of MEPSO, held a management meeting in Skopje on the 13th of October 2016.

The discussed during the meeting topics cover all the experience of IBEX in the power exchange establishment and development, as well as the potential alternatives for cooperation and market integration in the region. The meeting aims to provide OPEE with the up-to-date information and additional perspective from the neighboring market operator, necessary for the decision making process related to so called “soft measures” in the field of establishing organized electricity market in the market zone of the Republic of Macedonia and respective market coupling possibilities that will follow. During the meeting both sides agreed on further mutual cooperation initiatives based on the equality and common interest.

MEPSO’s division OPEE, as an electricity market operator, was represented by the OPEE Director M.Sc.El.Eng. Mr. Kiril Ackoski, Head of R&D Division Mr. Zoran Gjorgjievski and Head of unit of Electricity Market Management Mrs. Elizabeta Giovska.

IBEX was represented by the CEO Mr. Konstantin Konstantinov, Project manager Mr. Nikola Gabrovski and the Regulatory affairs Manager Ms. Ekaterina Popovska.