Successful re-run of the Day ahead auction with delivery date 11 October 2018

Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange EAD (IBEX), a subsidiary of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD, (BSE) informs that the recalculation of the Day ahead
market auction with delivery date 11 October 2018 was successful.

The delivery schedules are nominated in the MMS system of ESO EAD, where they are visible to the market participants.

In the meantime IBEX will also publish the results on its website.

We would like to use this opportunity to remind to all market participants to be extremely cautious when preparing and submitting their bids, due to the risks that exist when price independent orders are submitted into the market platform of the Day ahead market of IBEX.

We would like to thank once again our colleagues from ESO EAD, our partners from Nord Pool AS and the teams of all market participants.

Konstantin Konstantinov