Changes to the Intraday and Day Ahead Market Common and Individual Rules, in force from 12.11.2018

Dear market participants,

With respect to the single access system (SSO – single sign on) to the electronic trading system for Day Ahead market, based on the two factors authentication (2FA), the following changes to the Power Exchange Operational Rules, DAM Operational Rules and IDM Operational Rules have been done:

Power Exchange Operational Rules:
In these rules, besides the purely editorial changes, the following amendments have been done:

  1. Art. 25 – amendment of the requirement for mandatory training course for the electronic trading system (ETS). The change is considering the actual situation.
  2. Art. 26 – A correction aimed at avoiding a situation where the IBEX members who are fully aware of ETS and have extensive experience in trading in the relevant market segment must be trained.
  3. Art. 49 – change reflecting the new way of accessing the ETS;
  4. Art. 51 – Removing text relevant to the old way of accessing the ETS;
  5. Terms – removal of text related to the technical accessibility tool (DigiPass) part of the old way of accessing the ECT;

DAM Operational Rules
In addition to the editorial changes, the following changes have been made concerning the work of the market segment:

  1. Art. 8 – eliminating the need to obtain a protocol on the ETS technical accessibility tool (DigiPass), related to the old way of accessing the ECT. In addition, a general text on access to the various ETSs is outlined in the Power Exchange Operational Rules;
  2. Art. 19 – Supplement related to the implementation of the Single Sign On System (SSO) to the ETS of the Day Ahead segment.
  3. Art. 21 – replacement of the technical mean for accessing the ETS (DigiPass) with an “account” in order to take account of the new mode of access;
  4. Art. 39 – editorial change aimed at describing the existing situation;
  5. Art. 75 – new article providing for the possibility of requesting an extension of the timetable for registering schedules in the ESO nomination system in case of delay of the results of a trading session;

IDM Operational Rules

  1. Art. 8 – Removing text on access to the various ETSs, which is outlined in the Fundamental Trading Rules;
  2. Art. 39.3 – removal of the text, which is an editorial change aimed at describing the existing situation. Block products are not automatically matched.
  3. Art. 66 – a new text providing for the possibility of a reaction on the part of the Operator in concluding transactions with parameters obviously not in line with the market situation and posing market and operator’s risks.
  4. Annex 1, “Offer Types” section (b) – an addition to the description of an All-or-Nothing type bid indicating the type of offer that can be entered, such as a block product.

All changed Rules are posted on the IBEX website.

In accordance with the procedure for amending the rules, the above amendments will enter into force after the expiration of 7 (seven) days period from their publication, and namely on 12.11.2018.