Planned dynamic tests in compliance with the Program for power increase of Nuclear Unit 5 of NPP Kozloduy

In reference with the obligation for public disclosure of information in accordance with art. 20 and art. 23 from the Market Conduct Rules IBEX provide you with the following information:

Production unit: Unit №5 of NPP KozloduyStarting point of the event: 13.07.2019; 09:00 hPlanned end of the event: 14.07.2019; 09:00 hPlanned duration of the event: 24 hoursEvent type: PlannedCause of the event: Planned switching off of a main circulation pump and automatic power decrease to 50 % Installed capacity: 1040 MWAvailable capacity for the market: 530 MWUnavailable capacity for the market: 510 MWFuel type: Nuclear