TEST Full market decoupling session with real market participants/3rd of November, 2021

IBEX announces that on 3rd of November, 2021, together with all nominated market and transmission operators, part of the “Day-Ahead” market coupling (Single Day-Ahead Coupling), a test auction session with real market participants will be held. The purpose of this trading session is to ensure all participants are prepared in case of announced full market decoupling in real conditions. In terms of preparation, IBEX will be offering a simulation in the test environment of the electronic trading system of market segment “Day-Ahead” (ECT-DA) on Wednesday, 3rd of November, 2021, with delivery day Thursday, 4th of November, 2021.

All market participants, declared their participation in the test session for full market decoupling, are required to participate in the Shadow Auctions and complete the respective activities, based on the test market messages received from IBEX. Application for participation must be submitted by 5:30 pm today (20th of October, 2021) in the form of an e-mail to the following recipient:  operations@ibex.bg, stating “Decoupling test” in the “Subject” field.

Test systems
On Wednesday, 3rd of November, IBEX will run a “Day-Ahead” auction session with delivery day 4th of November. The test environment is open for bids from today until gate closure time (see below).

Test deadlines 3rd of November:
14:00 CET            Gate closure time
14:58 CET            Publication of results

CASS results will be available in the member test environment the following day.

Test sites and log in
Test site Day-Ahead ETS URL: https://auctions.test.ibex.bg

Username and password are required for each participant. In case you do not have a test account, please contact us at operations@ibex.bg by 25th of October, in order to create one. In addition, any trading participant who has declared their participation in the test environment is required to make a registration on the above-mentioned Shadow auctions by sending an e-mail to the following recipient – helpdesk@jao.eu. In preparation for the upcoming clock change on Sunday 31st of October 2021, IBEX will be offering a test simulation in the electronic trading system of the Day-Ahead market segment (ETS-DA) in the member test environment on Thursday 21st of October 2021.

The transition from summertime to wintertime takes place by setting the clock back one hour at 03:00 CET on Sunday 31st of October. Therefore Sunday 31st will have 25 trading hours. We encourage customers to use this test to place orders and check the results to ensure they are familiar with the process.