IBEX launches API trading on DAM as well

Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange launches algo-trading on Day-ahead market as well. This will be possible thanks to the API connectivity technological application of the leading European operator of electricity trading platforms Nord Pool which IBEX already offers in Bulgaria for the Intraday market segment. This will allow members already registered on the power exchange and having an active status on DAM to use API for algo-trading. So far this option has been available only for IDM members.

‘The interest in algo-trading and its positive effect as well as the experience on IDM over the past year convinced us to offer this option to the DAM members, too. The members that are the first to introduce innovations will have a competitive edge over the others and most importantly, this will be of the greatest benefit to their customers and consumers.’ – Mr. Konstantin Konstantinov, CEO of IBEX said.

The API technological application allows connectivity so that registered members can effectively integrate their platforms with the existing trading systems thus aiming for more convenience, shorter response time, accurate reports and security.  The benefits of API implementation are: efficient and seamless integration with internal trading systems, back-office systems and operational tools; algo-trading to maximize market opportunities; personalized and automated reports and consolidated web-based IT solutions.

ЕVN Trading (part of the ЕVN group in Bulgaria) is the first electricity trader in Bulgaria that started  algo-trading on IBEX in 2021. Currently there are 10 IBEX members using algo-trading on IDM. 

Watch the EVN Trading API success story in Bulgaria: