The power exchange as a guarantor for transparent electricity trading

‘Since the launch of the power exchange in 2014, an extremely high level of transparency, information flow and access to the market for all market participants has been maintained- generators, consumers and licensed traders’, the CEO of the power exchange (IBEX), Konstantin Konstantinov, said at the Energy Evolution 2023- European models, local models which was organized by Solar Academy at Inter Expo Center. Mr. Konstantinov took part in the panel ‘Energy Markets and Competitiveness’.

The topic of the forthcoming electricity market liberalization for household consumers was also discussed at the forum. In Mr. Konstantinov’s words the power exchange is an organized marketplace, a transparent electronic platform which allows wholesale electricity trading. He also added that as a result of market liberalization no severe imbalances between demand and supply are expected. In this sense, there are no factors that could lead to major changes in the market price of electricity.