On 10th July IBEX is officially launching a new electricity trading platform

Following successfully performed member tests in May 2024, on 10th July 2024 IBEX is officially launching the new integrated electricity trading platform on Bilateral contracts market segment.

The new TRIP platform (Trading and Reporting IBEX Platform) allows for increased efficiency and flexibility of the operator in terms of administration of trading in electricity and other products related to the power market, at the same time guaranteeing the high level of market transparency and efficiency.

As of 24th June 2024, IBEX will start providing access to TRIP to the market participants active on Bilateral contracts market segment. IBEX requests market participants no later than 10th July 2024 to check the information about their company and counterparties available in the platform and in the event of any mismatches, to contact the operator.

5th July 2024 is the latest date on which auctions can be held in the current platform. 

In the period from 6th to 9th July 2024 the migration to the new TRIP platform will be carried out during which it will not be possible to neither initiate, nor hold any auctions. 

On 10th July 2024 the new system will be available for submission of auction initiation applications, the earliest possible trading day being 11th July 2024.