• SIDC June 2024

    Introduction of Intraday auctions mechanism, part of Intraday market segment

  • SIDC November 2022

    Bulgarian-Greek border integrated into SIDC

  • 15' MTU October 2022

    15-minute products launched on the Bulgarian-Romanian border in SIDC

  • SDAC October 2021

    Integration of the Bulgarian-Romanian border into SDAC

  • SDAC May 2021

    Integration of the Bulgarian-Greek border into SDAC

  • SIDC November 2019

    Bulgarian joined the Single Intraday Coupling

  • Bulgarian power futures April 2019

    First transaction on EEX with Bulgarian power futures with financial settlement

  • Intraday market April 2018

    Go-live of the Intraday market in Bulgaria

  • New owner of IBEX February 2018

    BSE-Sofia AD acquired 100% of the capital of IBEX

  • Bilateral contracts October 2016

    Go-live of the BC market

  • NEMO February 2016

    EWRC nominated IBEX for a Nominated Electricity Market Operator

  • EUROPEX February 2016

    IBEX became member of EUROPEX

  • Day-ahead Market January 2016

    Go-live of the Day-ahead market in Bulgaria

  • Licensing March 2014

    The Bulgarian regulator EWRC licenced IBEX as a Market Operator

  • Foundation of IBEX January 2014

    IBEX was founded as a 100% owned company by Bulgarian Energy Holding