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Market Data Provision

Market data provision service is available both for registered trading participants and clients which are not in other contractual relations with IBEX.

Scope of Market data provision service

  • Day-ahead market clearing prices after the completion of each auction

  • Day-ahead market traded volumes after the completion of each auction

  • Intraday weighted average prices per delivery interval

  • Intraday traded volumes per delivery interval

  • Bilateral contracts auction prices and traded volumes

  • Day-ahead demand and supply curves data

  • Urgent market messages (UMM)

  • Information for cross-border flows, both available and allocated, after each Day-ahead auction on EU borders of Bulgaria

  • All other information made available by IBEX to the client

The service allows the use of market data, part of the Ibex Database, as follows:

  •     Provision of data for internal usаge only without redistribution right
  •     Provision of data for external usage with redistribution right included

The access to the Market Data is carried out through an Application Programming Interface (API) or FTP and it goes through the following stages:

    1. Submitting Application to access market data to
    2. After confirming the correctness and comprehensiveness of the information specified in the Application, the client accesses, and reviews Market data provision agreement according to the type of the service:

Market data provision agreement without redistribution right
Market data provision agreement with redistribution right included

    1. After signing the relevant agreement, the client sends it to
    2. After checking the correctness and comprehensiveness of the information, specified in the agreement, IBEX sends the signed agreement to the client.
    3. The client pays the relevant fee according to the IBEX EAD Tariff.
    4. The access is granted in the following ways:

АPI: API account is created, and the client itself retrieves the data in json format.
FTP: the client receives the data in json format every calendar day at 8 am EET.

Contact details:

a. Technical
b. Administrative