Registration Procedure

With regard to the go-live of the Intraday Auctions as of 13th June 2024, IBEX is launching the registration process for market participants that wish to trade via the new mechanism. The registration process includes the following steps.

Registration Process

For market participants with an Active status on Intraday and Day-ahead market segment

  1. Filling-in an online Application for registration. When filling in the Application, in addition to marking all active market segments with their current energy identification codes,  the checkbox for Intraday Auctions mechanism as well as the Energy Identification Code which will be used for trading via the new mechanism have to be marked. All details in the application have to be filled in so that it replaces applications for registration previously submitted by the market participant;
  2. Generating a pdf file with the filled-in application, signing by the legal representative of the company (digital or handwritten signature) and sending to When signed with a handwritten signature, the document also needs to be sent to the contact address of IBEX EAD (Sofia 1527, 138 Vasil Levski Blvd.);

For market participants with status Active only on Day-ahead market segment or Active/Registered on Bilateral contracts market segment

In this case the registration procedure described here shall be followed in its entirety in order to add Intraday market segment in the scope of the agreement for participation in the organized power exchange for electricity.


In the event that the market participant has already filled in an online application, it is possible to edit the data therein with the Edit button and fill in only the new information.



Upon initial registration for the Intraday auctions mechanism the set-up of the first trading portfolio for the mechanism is free of charge.  For any subsequent portfolio An application for additional portfolio set-up is submitted to where the fees as per IBEX EAD Tariff are applicable.



The current persons responsible for trading on Day-ahead market segment nominated by the market participant in Appendix №1 to the Agreement for participation, will be the respective persons responsible for trading for the Intraday Auctions who will obtain access to the electronic trading system. In order to change these persons, a new Appendix №1 shall be sent to The new persons responsible for trading need to have a certificate for completed training for Day-ahead market or Day-ahead +Intraday market. If they do not have such a certificate, an Application for training is also sent to