Operational Rules

The Power Exchange Operational Rules (PEOR) regulate the organization of the activities, rights and obligations of the power exchange operator and all trading participants on the organized power exchange market for electricity. The Power exchange operator administrates three market segments- Intraday, Day-ahead and Bilateral contracts.
Pursuant to changes to the Energy Act published in State Gazette, 79/2019, the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) shall approve operational rules for organized power exchange market for electricity (art. 21, par. 1, item 42 EA). In this regard, on 19th June 2020, in issue 55 of State Gazette Power Exchange Operational Rules were approved for the first time by EWRC.

PEOR contain provisions which mainly regulate:

  • The procedure for registration and termination of registration on the organized power exchange market for electricity;
  • The organization of trading on the three market segments administrated by the power exchange operator;
  • The Settlement Rules;
  • The cases considered as failure to comply with PEOR and the consequences from failure to comply with PEOR;
  • The Market Conduct Rules.