New version of the Day-ahead electronic trading system

Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange EAD (IBEX) announces that since 1st December 2020 as a trading day, the power exchange operator is going to introduce in a production mode a new and improved version of the electronic trading system for the Day-ahead market segment (ETS-DA). The main benefit of the updated platform is the functionality for separate processing of the orders submitted to the EUPHEMIA algorithm (or aka „Separate Virtual Broker“– SVB) from the Bulgarian market zone which is a requirement for continuation of the work on the market coupling projects in which IBEX is involved. The “SVB” is on one hand, a condition for а launch of the testing work on these projects and on the other, it is mandatory in a long-term perspective in reference to the existence of local procedures when the Bulgarian-Romanian and Bulgaria-Greek market zones are coupled, which is expected during 2021.

In addition, we would like to inform you that the following changes and optimizations are going to be introduced in order to improve the service provided by IBEX:
 1. Change of the minimum price limit step from 0.1 BGN/MWh or 0.1 EUR/MWh to 0.01 BGN/MWh or 0.01 EUR/MWh which is going to contribute to increasing the number of price intervals; 

2. Rapid and facilitated access to all electronic systems that IBEX offers to its trading participants registered on the short-term markets (electronic trading system for the Day-ahead market segment, electronic trading system for the Intraday market segment, electronic system for settlement and collateral and REMIT Portal); 

3. User settings that allow a timer to be displayed in local time. 
The power exchange operator is planning a smooth introduction of the new version of ETS-DA as for that purpose since 1st December 2020 the platform is going to be accessed by the persons responsible for trading with the same credentials (username and password), using the link published in the upper right corner of the IBEX web-site.