Successful webinar on the CACM Annual Report 2020

All NEMO Committee organised the “CACM Annual Report 2020 Webinar” on 14 October 2021 in cooperation with ENTSO-E. This year, besides giving insights of the CACM Annual Report 2020, a policy session has been held that aimed to facilitate an open discussion among panel experts and guest speakers about the future changes of the energy market in the upcoming years. Participants included Christophe Gence-Creux the Head of the Electricity Department of ACER; Leonardo Meeus, the Deputy Director of FSR; Clara Poletti the Chairwoman of ACER BoR; and Peter Scheerer, the Vice-chair of ENTSO-E Market Committee.

The NEMO speakers introduced the SDAC and SIDC chapters of the Annual Report: they introduced the high level market data and also gave insights into the Operation and the Monitoring Report as well as into the Scalability Report and the R&D Report.

The closing remarks were performed by Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director for Green Transition and Energy System Integration, from the European Commission. The Director highlighted the role of market coupling which  “is a fundamental tool to achieve the Green Deal as it contributes to delivering an affordable model for the energy transition, ensuring that least cost electricity can be dispatched around the Union for the benefit of consumers“.

 “Far from being the cause of the current price shock, our European Market coupling and its design is part of the solution. Market coupling is there to help all Europeans achieve the decarbonisation of our economy” says Rafael Gómez-Elvira González, Chairman of the All NEMO Committee.

The CACM Annual Report 2020 can be found on the All NEMO Committee website.

About All NEMO Committee:

The All NEMO Committee facilitates the cooperation among NEMOs for all common European tasks necessary for the efficient and secure design, implementation and operation of single day-ahead and intraday coupling. The All NEMO Committee is formed by the appointed representatives of each NEMO.

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