2nd issue of the NEMO Committee Newsletter

In the first week of the new 2022 the All NEMO Committee published the second issue of its newsletter. The new issue begins with the word from the chairman of the All NEMO Committee, Mr. Rafael Gonzalez, which summarizes the challenges faced by NEMO in 2021 and outlines the expected developments in the course of 2022. Similarly to the previous edition, the newsletter includes an overview of the events in the last months of 2021 (integration of the Bulgarian-Romanian border into SDAC, the CACM Annual report webinar and the publication of the All NEMO aggregated curves for the day-ahead timeframe).

In addition to that, it highlights some of the upcoming events for Q1 2022 and ongoing projects in the course of 2022 such as the Core FB MC and the IBWT MNA. The newsletter also contains information on the public consultation on the SIDC product methodology published on the website of the All NEMO Committee. The consultation is held every two years pursuant to art. 53.4 of the CACM Regulation.

The whole contents of the newsletter is available here on the website of the All NEMO Committee.