Confirmation of the go-live date for Intraday Auctions (IDAs) on 13 June 2024

Following extensive testing and go-live preparation for the upcoming Intraday Auctions (IDAs), Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are pleased to confirm the IDA go-live date of 13 June 2024, for delivery on 14 June 2024. The first SIDC auction will take place on 13 June 2024 at 3PM CET (Gate Closure Time).

Pricing the intraday capacity – via IDAs – is going to be part of the Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC) and will complement the current continuous trading method.

With the implementation of IDAs, a new technical setup and new market coupling communication processes will be used amongst NEMOs and TSOs, complementing the current SIDC XBID platform used for continuous trading. During the first days NEMOs and TSOs will be monitoring the first experiences in order to keep special attention to the operation, efficiency and results. Intraday continuous trading will continue to be fully operational before and after the IDAs. In this sense both – IDAs and continuous trading mechanisms – will support each other.

We kindly invite our market parties to read the information package on the IDAs, which is published on the ENTSO-E and NEMO Committee websites.

About SIDC:
The SIDC solution is based on a common IT system with one Shared Order Book, a Capacity Management Module and a Shipping Module. It allows for orders entered by market participants for continuous matching in one bidding zone to be matched by orders similarly submitted by market participants in any other bidding zone within the project’s reach as long as transmission capacity is available. The intraday solution supports both explicit allocation (where approved by the respective National Regulatory Authorities) and implicit continuous trading. It is in line with the EU Target model for an integrated intraday market.

European-wide intraday coupling is a key component for completing the European Internal Energy Market. With the rising share of intermittent generation in the European generation mix, connecting intraday markets through cross-border trading is an increasingly important tool for market parties to keep positions balanced. The purpose of the SIDC initiative is to increase the overall efficiency of intraday trading.

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